Hale Loko:The Pond House

Hale Loko (Hawaiian for the Pond House) is located in Kapoho, the easternmost part of the easternmost Hawaiian island of Hawaii AKA “the Big Island”.  With the trade winds coming from the east after having traveled over thousands of miles of open ocean the air here known as the cleanest in the world. Even when Kailua Kona, Honolulu, Maui or other parts of Hawaii are blanketed in VOG (volcanic smog), Kapoho will usually still be clear and sunny.  The village of Kapoho along with many ponds was devastated by the lava flow of 1960 but the crystal clear tidal pond of Hale Loko remains. We think that the pond at Hale Loko is the nicest pond on the planet. In these pictures, it may appear to be shallow because it is crystal clear but except for the sides, it is mostly over your head throughout. It has brackish water because it is across the street from the Pacific Ocean and subject to the tidal flow of sea water, This may sound bad, but there is enough salt water (about 1/4 to 1/3) to prevent annoying bugs (mossies and no-see-ums) from congregating around it, and enough fresh water that your skin feels soft and clean when you get out.  It is so crystal clear that with a mask underwater you can see 100 ft across to the other side.  Oh, and did I mention that the fresh water springs that mix into it are volcanically heated keeping this magical pond 90 degrees year-round? If you like relaxing in the Hawaiian ocean breezes and swimming in calm, warm waters (there are no snakes in Hawaii or other creepy crawlers, so you can swim in the rain, in the night, whenever!) you’ll love Hale Loko!.

Hale Loko has undergone a complete makeover completed in 2012 including all new appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and drier), closets, and a complete bathroom outdoors. The lanai has been made one level to enlarge it and now has glass panels to maintain the lovely view of the pond. The property behind Hale Loko has been secured to assure fair trade winds for years to come and easier parking for guests.  A modern aerobic individual wastewater system has been installed to keep the pond in its pristine state.  Those of you that have stayed here in the past, long ago when it was Linda’s Hawaiian villa or even more recently will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort these changes have brought!

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